Yankees News: Who Will Be The Next Leader For The Yankees?


The start of spring training is always an exciting time for many ball clubs, as they finally begin their quest for preparing to reach their goal of being a World Series champion. It also is a fun time for all the guys to finally reunite as a team after a few months. There is always that leader for each team that made the squad complete. The New York Yankees got that out of Derek Jeter. For the first time in two decades, the team is caught in a pickle, as they are struggling to find a leader that can replace Jeter this upcoming season and for the future.

It hasn’t been easy, and it doesn’t seem like it will be for the first few weeks of spring training. The clubhouse is going to have a somber feel to it, as the Yankees are used to seeing Jeter going from player to player and engaging with them in any type of conversation. He was even known for introducing himself immediately to the new players on the team, and wanting them to feel as though they have been on the club for years. Jeter was all about uniting the team because that is one of the many recipes he felt was a key to winning. Now, the question remains: who is going to replace him? To some, they believe that no one can. However, the Yankees have a few players in mind that can make a run for this position.

1. Brian McCann – It wouldn’t be unusual for a catcher to be named a captain, as there have been countless catchers who were named captains throughout the years, including Jason Varitek for the Boston Red Sox for example. Although he didn’t put up the big numbers that Yankees fans were expecting in his Yankee debut, the guy has had a lot of experience. He also has a lot of knowledge about the game of baseball as well. Those are two big qualities that can set him apart from the other candidates.

2. Alex Rodriguez – You all probably groaned or yawned seeing me choose this guy as an option, but here me out. Although he has made some choices that many people don’t agree with, one thing that many people can’t argue with is that Rodriguez does have a lot of passion for the game. He works extremely hard, and prior to his PED use, he put up some numbers that had him in the mix of a future Hall of Famer. It is clear that he is talented, and knows a lot about the game that can enlighten many of his teammates. I will also throw in there that he has been part of the Yankees since 2004, and has earned his pinstripes.

3. Mark Teixeira – He has proven with many other teams he has played for including the Yankees that he has talent. After all, he has been the recipient of multiple Gold Glove awards over at first base. Besides his skills, Teixeira actually is known for being a smart guy. He seems to be very logical when it comes to strategizing on how they are going to win games, and that is something that is really unique in a captain position.

So there you have it. It will be interesting to see what the Yankees decide to as the post Jeter era sets to begin before we know it.

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