Yankees News: Draft Bonus Money Among Tops For Yankees


For the first time in a very long time, the New York Yankees find themselves in an enviable position: they have extra money to spend on draft selections from the summer’s upcoming First Year Player Draft. The Yankees have two first round draft selections this season, the 16th overall pick for missing the playoffs, and the 30th overall selection, received from the Chicago White Sox when they signed former Yankees’ closer David Robertson to a free agent contract. For the first time in a long while, the Bombers didn’t hit the free agent market, plucking the best of other team’s players and making them their own.

According to Ryan Hatch of NJ.com, the Yankees have approximately $7,922,000 to spend as bonus money on any player they select in the first ten rounds of the draft. That amount of money for draft bonuses, puts the Yankees at sixth in all of Major League Baseball. It’s too early to say who the Yankees may go after in this year’s draft, but a shortstop is most likely on their wish list, especially if the team fails to sign Cuban defector, Yoan Moncada.

The only time that bonus money counts against the Yankees’ pool, is if they draft a player after the 10th round, and give the player more than $100,000 in bonus funds. Historically speaking, the Yankees tend to draft less expensive, easier to sign players rather than running the risk of drafting at slot, or above slot players, and risk losing the player if he holds out or chooses not to sign. This coming summer, the Yankees with their prime pair of draft selections in hand, can use a good chunk of that money to ensure the players they draft sign, and help continue to rebuild what is a rising farm system rebirth.

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