Yankees News: Yankees Will Meet With Alex Rodriguez


After all the back and forth and the lawsuits and the spats in the media, Brian Cashman and Alex Rodriguez will be meeting before he reports to spring training. According to the NY Post, A-rod’s attorney reached out to Cashman and assistant GM Jean Afterman and all parties agreed to meet.

Here’s a little more from the Post article:

"“We are all gonna have to find our way through all that at some point,” Cashman said. “The only way to do that is to have a conversation.”Rodriguez visited Major League Baseball headquarters in Midtown last month in an attempt to clear the air with new commissioner Rob Manfred. There may be even more things to be resolved between Rodriguez and the Yankees.After Rodriguez was banned, the disgraced slugger filed lawsuits against the Yankees and MLB. He also sued Yankees team physician Dr. Chris Ahmad. According to Cashman on Friday, Rodriguez’s previous requests for a meeting came before the lawsuits were dropped."

Rodriguez is coming. There’s no way to avoid the situation at this point. Is their relationship beyond repair at this point?  Probably, and I’m sure the Yankees probably want him to fail his physical so that way 80% of his salary is paid off by insurance and they would have one less onerous contract to deal with over the next few seasons.

As Cashman said in the Post article, it can’t hurt to talk to one another. For all of A-Rod’s faults, and there are plenty of them, the guy wants to play and has a passion for the game that you really can’t question. Few guys really have his drive.

The guy has $61 million reasons to try and come back and play and try and produce for this team. The best thing that he can do is come back and be productive and help the Yankees get back to the postseason.

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