Yankees News: Joe Girardi Seems To Have A Plan For Alex Rodriguez


With spring training right around the corner, it seems like manager Joe Girardi finally seems to have a grip on how he is going to be using Alex Rodriguez this upcoming season.

One of the nice things about spring training, is it gives teams an opportunity to test players at different positions throughout the course of the month. Girardi looks like he will be taking full advantage of that with Rodriguez. While Brian Cashman announced back in December that Rodriguez will be assigned the designated hitter role, Girardi wants to test the waters early, and see what Rodriguez has left in the tank at third base.

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They also want to try him out at first base. If both of those ideas fail, then he will officially become the Yankees’ DH. Girardi feels like he should give Rodriguez the benefit of the doubt and see how he would handle the infield, especially since he has been working extremely hard to get back to the player that he was.

“To be fair to him, I think you have to give him time,” Girardi told Mike Puma of the New York Post. “Sometimes it takes older players longer to get going in spring training. I won’t make evaluations too soon.”

Rodriguez will be reporting to spring training with the full squad on February 25th, and the anticipation will be felt the minute he steps foot onto the field in Tampa.

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