Yankees News: Patriots’ Star Tom Brady Includes Derek Jeter In People He Admires


Derek Jeter may not be an active anymore, but he sure is continuing to make an impact on other athletes even outside of the world of baseball. For some reason, this doesn’t come as a shock to many people.

In a press conference that Tom Brady participated in today for what is called Super Bowl Media Day, one of the questions that he was asked was which athletes he admires. With no hesitation, Jeter’s name is the first one that he mentioned, along with a few other athletes including basketball star Kobe Bryant.

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“Those guys compete every day and want to win. Those guys I really look up to,” Brady told Jordan Raanan of NJ.com.

Brady would be surprised at how many people would say they admire him, and they have their reasons. He will be appearing in his sixth Super Bowl this upcoming Sunday, where he will be squaring off against the Seattle Seahawks. If he goes on to win the match-up, he will obtain his fourth Super Bowl championship. That alone is impressive, and that doesn’t even include his individual accomplishments throughout his career.

Brady played baseball in high school and was an 18th round pick of the Montreal Expos back in 1995.

Coming from New England, Brady is aware that the Yankees are not too popular in the area. However, it goes to show how much Jeter is envied throughout the country. There is also that infamous picture of Brady wearing a Yankees cap.

“You see someone who plays the game the way you think it needs to be played,” Brady told Jordan Raanan of NJ.com in reference to Derek Jeter. “I’ve always admired him”

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