Reggie Willits Named The Yankees Outfield Coordinator


The Yankees continue to add to their organization, as they announced today that they hired a new outfield coordinator that goes by the name of Reggie Willits according to

Willits was an outfielder with the Angels during six seasons. He was known more for his speed than anything else, and was only caught 17 times stealing in his career.

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That is why part of his new job is to use his former skills, and put together a base running program that will help players improve on all different levels of the organization their speed on the bases. His other duty is to help outfield prospects progress to the point where they will have a shot at being brought up to the majors.

Willits seems to be rather confident with his base running philosophy. In fact, he has helped out Hall of Famer Johnny Bench during the last two years with his team at Binger-Oney. His tips must have worked, as Bench’s squad qualified for the state tournament four of the five seasons he coached, and wound up winning the state championship twice.

With the Yankees lacking speed these days, it looks like they are going to be more than pleased to have Willits on their side.