Can Pentland Return A-Rod to Glory?


The New York Yankees Jeff Pentland has the daunting task of returning the silenced Yankees bats of the past few seasons to Bronx Bomber acclaim. His first task will be trying to get one of the greatest hitters of his generation back on track. It doesn’t bother him. Pentland is looking forward to working with fallen superstar Alex Rodriguez.

“I’m looking forward to being around him and being with him,’’ Pentland told Pete Caldera of “I have a great deal of respect for his career and what he’s done.’’ 

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The 68-year old Pentland has been around baseball for quite a few years. He has served as the hitting coach for five teams with the Dodgers being his prior stop. He will have Alan Cockrell, the one-time Colorado Rockies hitting coach, as his assistant. If he watched the way the Yankees offense performed in 2014, he understands he is going to need some help.

Love him or hate him, as of right now, A-Rod is very much a part of the 2015 New York Yankees plan. There is no reason to wish for him to fail because the bottom line is that this offense could use his bat, even if it is half of what it used to be. Hopefully, A-Rod can finally bury his monstrous ego and allow Pentland and Cockrell be part of the comeback process.

“I hope he has a successful season. And I’ll be there for him,” Pentland added.

A-Rod has played just 44 games since 2012, none of which came last year as he served his steroid suspension. No one knows what to expect from the one-time perennial home run king. We do know that, PEDs or not, A-Rod was well trained in the art of hitting.

The power may be gone, but if Pentland can help A-Rod find his stroke and he can stay healthy and in the lineup, he could be a positive addition to the Yankees lineup.