Are The BoSox Still Bitter About Damon’s Jump To The Bronx?


Although I have never been much of a reality television fan, something interesting regarding former Yankee Johnny Damon.  Damon, who although never formally retired, hasn’t played in the big leagues since 2012.  Already competing in an Old Timers Day, he has stated to several times that he still wants to play, as he is only 231 hits away from 3000.

Apparently, in his time away from baseball, Damon has a role on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice show, and told Trump that he could not ask Red Sox owner John Henry for a donation because they are still bitter that he left the team for the Yankees after the 2005 season. According to Brendan Kuty of, Trump stated that Henry would give Damon whatever he wants to which Damon replied “he did not do that back in 2005”.  It sounds like Damon is still bitter as well. 

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Should the Red Sox be mad at Damon though?  I do not think this should be the case.  Yes, I understand the rivalry, but similar to Jacoby Ellsbury last offseason, the Red Sox simply did not court Damon as hard as the Yankees did.  While some Yankees fans are still bitter about Robinson Cano leaving, fans always seem to forget that baseball, like all sports, is a business.  Many people say they wouldn’t leave their current employer for slightly less money, or that when you’re being offered hundreds of millions of dollars, it is simply greedy to go for the best offer.  This simply is not the case though, as athletes have a limited time frame for making money, part of the reason that many go broke after retirement.

Damon knew he was signing his last big contract, and had to put the interests of his family, not the fans, first.  In a sport like baseball with no salary cap, fans and owners should never fault the players for going after the dollars.  The blame should lie directly with the owners, as if they really want a player, they can up their offer, something the Red Sox were not willing to do for Damon.