What is the Next Move for the Yankees?


As 2015 approaches, the New York Yankees and front man Brian Cashman have reinvented their roster. The depleted team of last season has been reinforced with new depth and fresh youth. Cashman has made a series of moves that removed salary and age, while bringing upside to the roster. His moves and ability to find the right pieces often goes unnoticed because of the Yankees’ budget, but he deserves credit. He cashed in high on a few pieces and in doing so, plugged the leaks in the boat.

However, now we have to wonder what comes next? With the recent re-signing of Stephen Drew, the infield is all but done. That makes the opening day roster have a solid depth chart of two players at each position and some of the more versatile players can play multiple positions in case of another injury avalanche. The outfield has plenty of depth and athleticism to get the Yankees through the season. Even the farm system has a few players breaking through the seams for their shot at the show.

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I believe if any moves are to be made, it will be in favor of pitching. Cashman wheeled and dealed and in doing so, he remade the bullpen. It will be full of fresh faces and young blood heading into the season. The arms coming out now will be power arms and provide favorable match-ups at the end of the game.

Even though the rotation is pretty much done being assembled, it is still an island of misfit toys. So if there are any moves to be made, it will be to help take the pressure off of Masahiro Tanaka‘s elbow, CC Sabathia‘s knee, Ivan Nova’s comeback, and Michael Pineda‘s pine tar use. Maybe, the Yankees bring in another arm to stash in the farms just in case any one goes down. It would be the same theory that they pursued in providing depth to the infield. Another veteran arm like Chris Capuano to turn to in a time of need would be beneficial on the field and in the club house.