Bomber Bites: Should The Yankees Say No To Tulo?


Oh the rumors that just won’t go away. Troy Tulowitzki to the Yankees. Yes it’s a fun thought. Tulo, when healthy, is the best hitting shortstop and one of the best players in the game. Period. However, he just isn’t healthy very often. And that’s the issue with trading for him.

During the season when the Tulo rumors started I was all for it. Probably selfishly as Tulo is one of my favorite players in the game to watch. He just seems to hit everything hard all the time when he’s healthy. But again that’s the issue.

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Since 2010, he’s played in more than 140 games just once. He’s failed to play in more than 100 games twice during that span. The guy is an absolute machine at home, hitting .323 in his career at home, but just .274 on the road (even though that is still pretty good).

He’s got six years and $118 million coming his way. Considering the amount the Yankees have tied into bad contracts in Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira, do they want to spend more money AND give up guys like Didi Gregorious, Gary Sanchez and pitchers (speculation, I don’t know what any offer was).

The Yankees are at a point where they are trying to get younger in many areas and adding a shortstop who’s coming off hip surgery akin to A-Rod’s surgeries isn’t the ideal move.

If the Yankees are in trouble and need a bat, or if they are a bat short, and he’s healthy in June or July, then maybe I change my tune.

Until then, I think the Yankees should say no to Tulo.