Gooden Sees Big Things for the Yankees


The Doctor is in, folks. Former New York Yankees pitcher Dwight Gooden, most affectionally known as Doc, chimed in on his thoughts about what’s in store in the Bronx this winter. It seems like Doc expects more of the same for the Yankees. 

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Gooden spoke to Brendan Kuty of at an autograph signing this past week. Gooden seems to think the Yankees are poised to “make a big splash” this off-season.

"“I think the Yankees have something up their sleeve,” Doc told Kuty, “whether it’s Max Scherzer or whoever it is. I definitely look forward to them doing something.”"

Kuty then goes on to explain that Gooden feels that a lot of moves aren’t necessary, whereas getting healthy is. Gooden recounted the 2014 Yanks injury woes and spoke of how, with a fully healthy roster, this season could be much different. As long as they make the right moves.

One thing the Yankees have an eye on is their bullpen. There is much uncertainty on whether incumbent closer David Robertson will return. There are some equal doubts amongst skeptics that Dellin Betances is ready to be the Yankees closer. Doc sees it differently.

"“I think (Betances) can do it. He’s unproven, but with the stuff he has … Going from a set-up guy to a closer, even though it’s an inning, it’s a big difference. It’s just that moment. More of it is mental than physical. He definitely has the stuff to do it. But does he have the mental aspect? I think so. I’ve talked to him a little bit. I think he can do it if Robertson were to leave.”"

Gooden didn’t ignore what has been going on in Beantown of course. He spoke highly of the Boston Red Sox moves the past week, bringing on board Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval to give them a line-up full of potential. As a former Yankee in the George Steinbrenner era, he also knows that this just adds fuel to the Yankees fire and that an impending move is almost certain in the coming weeks.

I for one hope Gooden is on the right trail. There is no denying that the Yankees need some work in several places. Whether they address the middle infield, some bullpen depth or break the bank on a Max Scherzer-type of player, let’s all hope the Gooden’s projections come true.