The Yankees Have A lot To Be Thankful For


Whether you are a Yankees fan or not, all baseball fans know that the Yankees are a special organization. Filled with its rich history, there has been so many unforgettable memories that have been made by talented players. Here are a few players that the Yankees have been blessed with and extremely grateful for:

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1. Derek Jeter

After Jeter’s baseball career came to a close in September, it has been stated from many sports analysts that we may not see another player like him. The Yankees were very fortunate to have Jeter be their starting shortstop for 20 years, and led by prime example as a captain. Although he has finally hung up the cleats, Jeter has made a huge impact on the Yankees that they will forever carry.

2. Masahiro Tanaka

No one knew what to expect from Tanaka in his rookie season, but boy did he catch everyone’s eyes in the baseball world. Between his season record and strikeout numbers, he had everyone raving about him. His season got interrupted to an unfortunate elbow injury, but he has been working hard to correct that issue. Tanaka will be a huge part of the puzzle piece this upcoming season, as the Yankees stride to make it back into the playoffs.

3. Dellin Betances

Betances made the roster this season on the last day of spring training, and the Yankees thought they would test him out. They knew he had a good arm, but didn’t know how good he was going to be. Betances rose to the occasion, and had an unbelieveable rookie season. He was one of the best relievers in baseball this year, and with David Robertson potentially being traded, he could become the next Yankee closer.

4. Brett Gardner

This past season for the Yankees was inconsistent, but one player who kept up with their consistency was Gardner. His numbers at the plate were one of his best seasons yet, and his ridiculous catches have saved the Yankees in a variety of games. His name is usually under the radar, but the guy definitely deserves to steal more of the spotlight next season.

5. Martin Prado

It seems to be a curse that Yankees players are always getting injured, and manager Joe Girardi has a tough time figuring out what players should substitute at what position. Prado was a nice pickup for the club, as he brings a lot of versatility, and can play both the infield and outfield.