Giancarlo Stanton Passes Alex Rodriguez


Now that Giancarlo Stanton has signed a $325 million dollar contract with the Marlins, at least the Yankees know that the rope Alex Rodríguez has around their neck is not the biggest contract in baseball. 

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Stanton´s contract is for 13 years for that $325 million. Alex Rodriguez´s contract, when it was originally signed, was for 10 years at $275 million.

"“It’s hard for me to ever really talk about other teams’ deals,” Yankees President Randy Levine said, according to “Every team has to make a decision based on where they are at the time and the moment. This is a great player and I think [owner Jeffrey Loria] stood up. It looks like both of them are pleased with it. Good for them.”"

To say that Rodríguez has been an overall disappointment for the Yankees is an understatement. Of course, he hopes to prove his worth to the Yankees in 2015 and get his career back on track. But he won´t get any special treatment from the Yankees.

"“He’s going to be treated like every other player,” Levine said, also according to Newsday. “We’ll see what happens. Hopefully, he can contribute, but it’s all speculation until we get to spring training. I’m told he’s working out, getting in shape . . . Either he can contribute or he can’t. Either he can play or he can’t.”"

And A-Rod may not even regain his old position. In recent weeks, Brian Cashman hinted that he may be worked out at first base. But with Mark Teixeira regaining his health and primed for a big comeback year, it is hard to see Rodríguez being any more than a backup at first. The best case scenario is for him to establish himself as the designated hitter.

But one thing is  clear, Yankees fans expect him to contribute on a level that makes him deserving of his salary.