Why Can’t Brian Cashman Defend A-Rod


Baseball managers are famous for defending their players; whether they are stars or benchwarmers. General managers, on the other hand, are notorious for having distant relationships with players.

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Brian Cashman’s recent comments in Andrew Marchand’s ESPNNewYork.com piece on Alex Rodriguez were just a few on many statements he’s made about A-Rod and his and Girardi’s conflicting opinions on Rodriguez’s 2015 status.

“Joe’s job and my job are different jobs,” Cashman said at the general managers meetings in Arizona on Wednesday. “Joe as manager has to manage the 25-man roster and his desire to coach them up and put them in the best position to feel good and succeed.

The question is—why can’t Cashman back Rodriguez? He’s cheated, and disprected the Yankees and Major League Baseball. He’s lied, multiple times, and he’s made himself look like a fool. Still, he’s a Yankee. He plays on the same team Derek Jeter and Mickey Mantle played on. He may not have gained the same respect—or any at all—but he’s still a Yankee. Cashman should be backing his player—through good times, and bad; until the final time Rodriguez embarrasses himself, and the Yankees pull the plug.

What’s more embarrassing is Cashman not defending Rodriguez. Yes, maybe the Yankees are looking for another option at third base. Maybe, they hoping Rodriguez falls down the stairs, and can’t play the entire season. But, why does it have to be so public.

If it were anyone else, Cashman wouldn’t be so public about his offseason duties. He’s taking public shots at Rodriguez; he’s trying to get under his skin. He wants Rodriguez to pick up and leave all on his own.

It’s disgusting how Cashman is treating Rodriguez, and the fans, need to realize what he’s doing. Back up your players!

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