Relax, It’s Only The Offseason


If you’re a New York sports fan, and you are trying to escape the embarrassment of saying you watch New York football and enjoy it—good luck. If not, continue rooting for the Giants and Jets, but just know that hospitals will be full in February, and the only thing the doctor will tell you, is Spring Training heals a broken heart. Or, you may be an optimistic Knicks fan, like myself. If that’s the case, please, be careful; they are bound to let us all down.

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But, if you’re just an avid reader of the Yankees’ offseason news, you’ve made a decent choice—or did you. If you are a Shakespeare fan, you obviously enjoy his tragedies, and you enjoy catastrophe. Instead of hearing rumors of big signings to come, you’ve had to hear the words “mid-urine stream” referring to Alex Rodriguez’s way of passing drug tests.

By hearing that phrase, you know it’s true; you know that everyone has to deal with it—A-Rod is back. But, why can’t we be happy about this? Maybe, for once all of the media’s statements about a broken down old man are false. Yes, he’s had two hip surgeries, he’s been away from the game for a complete season, and yes he’s mastered the mid-urine stream catch. But, can he make an impact?

Alex Rodriguez was full of natural talent before he started using performance-enhancing drugs. Now, the 39-year-old man, removed from the juice is looking to make a statement. If batted in the middle of the order, and given good pitches, Rodriguez has the ability to hit .280 and knock in 85 runs, while cranking 25-30 home runs. It sounds ridiculous, but he’s still an outstanding athlete, who’s hungry and looking to prove people wrong.

For those of you still with me and those of you who haven’t written me off as a complete moron baseball writer, I thank you. But, if Rodriguez is where you thought I was going to stop, you’re dead wrong.

David Robertson vs. Dellin Betances

Replacing Mariano Rivera was tough, and Robertson did an outstanding job. Dellin Betances, on the other hand, had an even better season. He proved that he’s reliable and deserves a spot at the back-end of the bullpen. The Yankees already offered Robertson a qualifying offer of $15.3 million dollars for next season. It was stupid of the Yankees to even put this money up for grabs. $15 million dollar salaries are for good-great players. Robertson is good, but not worth money Rivera used to make. They should hope he doesn’t take it and walk away happy with their first round pick they would receive for compensation.

Chase Headley

Keep him. Headley is a great defensive player, but he has potential to be an above average offensive threat, and could fill in at one of the corner infield positions. If A-Rod doesn’t pan out, Headley is your guy.

When you, the fan, figures out which sport you are going to pay attention to for the next few months, remember this. The Giants and Jets will eat at your hearts, the Knicks at your soul, and the Yankees’ offseason will play games with your mind. Be careful, be very careful.