Report: Alex Rodriguez Paid Cousin Hush Money


Alex Rodriguez doesn’t seem to stay out of the news. We haven’t even gotten to the point where free agents can sign with other teams and we get A-Rod news. According to a NY Daily News report, via court documents,  A-Rod paid cousin Yuri Sucart $900,000 to not reveal anything about A-Rod’s steroid use. 

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"Alex Rodriguez’s infamous “Cousin Yuri Sucart” threatened to expose the Yankee superstar’s doping secrets unless the scandal-ridden slugger coughed up “enormous sums of money,” according to court papers filed last week in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.Rodriguez caved, entering into a confidential settlement with Sucart on June 5, 2013, agreeing to pay Sucart one $700,000 payment for his silence, in addition to three more payments made to Sucart that totalled $200,000."

According to the report, because Sucart lost his job being an assistant to baseball players, he felt that A-Rod should help him out. The letter coninued:

"Given the sudden breach of your longstanding agreement with Yuri, he wishes to propose that you provide to him payment for his past services rendered, and for the loyalty he has shown you. Therefore, Yuri requests that you now pay him for the past services rendered and to fulfill your promise to support he and his family for life. That sum is $5 million and a life estate for he and his wife in the house (free and clear of any liens or mortgages) where he is currently living."

The documents came about because Sucart refused to pay for the $600 court appointed attorney.

A-Rod may end up being a witness in the government’s case against Sucart. Rodriguez’s suspension for steroids for the 2014 season just ended.

Alex just comes back and the soap opera continues.