Should The Yankees Give Brian McCann the Posey Treatment?


Playing catcher is one of the more challenging positions in all of sports. When one of your best offensive players is a catcher, it makes that much more of a tricky situation. The New York Mets dealt with that in the early 2000’s with Mike Piazza. The San Francisco Giants deal with that right now with Buster Posey

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Counting last night, Posey has played in 122 games at catcher, and 35 games at first base in 2014.  That has saved Posey from some of the pounding that catchers get from foul tips and other plays. In comparison, Salvador Perez, counting last night, has caught 155 games this season, and you can tell how much he’s worn down.

With that in mind, should the Yankees treat Brian McCann more like Posey in 2015?

McCann played 16 games at first this past season, but that was because Mark Teixeira was hurt and everyone else who backed up at first was ineffective to say the least. With more training at first, he could be better defensively.

On the plus side, it can make McCann and Tex more effective since they don’t have to play the field everyday. Of course, Chase Headley might be back and Alex Rodriguez may or may not be playing some first base as well. At this point, you can’t really count on Tex being healthy anyway. He isn’t getting any younger and hasn’t been in a couple of years now.

Having McCann play first can keep him healthier and keep his bat in the lineup more on a team that needed offense last year. The more options Joe Girardi has, the better, and one option may be for the Yankees to treat McCann like Posey.