2 Is Not The Only Number Being Retired For Derek Jeter


There is no doubt that Derek Jeter’s number will be retired nearly immediately after this season. However, Louisville Slugger may beat the Yankees to retiring a number that has only been associated with Jeter for the last twenty years – P72. P72 is Derek Jeter’s preferred bat model number. In fact, it’s the only bat model he has used his entire career. Slugger’s James Sass stated:

"“Derek has swung one bat model from one bat company his entire career…has made over 12,500 plate appearances in his 20 MLB seasons, and every single one of them has been with a Louisville Slugger P72. With Derek’s impending retirement, we thought it was fitting to retire his bat model in recognition of his brilliant career and impact, we won’t be making the P72 anymore.”                                   (h/t, Justin McGuire, The Sporting News)"

Baseball is a superstitious game. Players have pregame rituals, during the game rituals, postgame rituals, and many others off the field entirely. In that sense, it makes sense for Jeter to use the same bat his entire career. It should be noted that both Cal Ripken Jr and Robin Yount also used the P72 bat. So it definitely says something that Slugger is retiring the bat now.

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Jeter’s final home game is tonight provided the rain cooperates. With all the fun facts about Jeter everyone will be sharing tonight, now you can tell the story of the legendary P72.