The Joy Robin Williams Found In The Yankees


Losing the great Robin Williams is tragic in every sense. But for Yankees fans, there is some comfort in knowing that the great comedian discovered the same joy that we all feel for our beloved team.

A report by recounts Williams’ visit to Yankee Stadium with his good friend Billy Crystal. “So it is this beautiful,” Williams said. “It was kind of amazing… It’s really outrageous because I had never been on a field at any baseball stadium. So it was like ‘Mr. Crystal, take me on the field now. So that was my only moment, big memory of Yankee Stadium.”

One of Robin Williams’ most famous films, “The Dead Poets Society,” represented the spirit of what the Yankee family is all about. As a literature professor, Williams taught his young students to seek their dreams and follow them. He encouraged them to follow their hearts, no matter how unconventional those dreams might appear to others.

In a recent article for Yanks Go Yard, I described how Hideki Irabu also battled depression. Behavioral professionals are vehement in pointing out that there are many methods of treatment today to combat depression. There is help for those who reach out for it.

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But perhaps the greatest form of help is to comfort those that we know who may be in need of a smile. Think hard, who do you know that needs to know that you care? In your busy schedule, take the time to let them know that you do. It may make all of the difference. As Yankees fans, it is sometimes easy to forget that there are things in life that are much more important than extra inning losses.

Williams also came to Yankee Stadium for the 2003 World Series. And when Billy Crystal had an at-bat in a Yankees spring training game, he was sure to be in attendance for that.

We will miss Robin Williams tremendously. But we are glad that he was able to find the joy from the Yankees that we have found ourselves.