How The Trade Deadline Favored The Yankees


Both the Yankees and General Manager Brian Cashman knew that there would need to be some major trades made if they want any shot of making the playoffs in a couple months. Not only did they gain some great additions to the club, but they also released a few players that were bringing the team down. In fact, the trade deadline worked out in their favor, especially with some elite players that they face on other teams being traded. Here are four reasons why the Yankees are better after the trade deadline:

1. The new additions. With Martin Prado becoming one of the newest members, he will be able to take the spot of Ichiro Suzuki in right field, who has been struggling as of late. Trading for Stephen Drew allows him to replace Brian Roberts at second. While Roberts didn’t do a bad job defensively, his offense wasn’t up to par, and Drew will be able to do both consistently. Both Prado and Drew have great offensive numbers, Drew of late anyway, something that the Yankees desperately need in their lineup.

2. More options for Joe Girardi. Drew is capable of playing second base, third base and shortstop. Prado is able to play second and third base as well, along with the corners of the outfield. This gives Girardi a lot of flexibility, in terms of wanting to give players the day off more often, or wanting to put someone in the DH spot as well.

3. Dead weight has been released. Getting rid of Roberts gives the Yankees an opportunity to be more productive at the plate with Drew taking his spot. Kelly Johnson getting traded as well opens up another hole, as he wasn’t putting up the numbers the Yankees were expecting him to.

4. Good Riddance! The Yankees will no longer have to worry about facing Jon Lester for a while, as he has now become a member of the Oakland Athletics. They will also breathe a sigh of relief, as they will no longer have to face John Lackey, who was sent to the St. Louis Cardinals.

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