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Derek Jeter treats Logan Morrison like a common fan


In a scene from Showtime’s “The Franchise”, Miami Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison stands with a camera crew greeting fans at the top of a set of escalator steps. Morrison was waiting for Hall of Famer George Brett, his childhood idol, when up comes future Hall of Famer Derek JeterLoMo called out, “Hey Jeet, how’ya doing man,” to the New York Yankees shortstop. With Morrison’s hand outstretched, Jeter responded courteously by shaking Morrison’s hand, but obviously had no idea who Morrison is as he just kept walking by.

The scene transpired at some point in the pre-season, as the Marlins were the subject of the second season of the Showtime series.

Give LoMo credit for laughing it off. Who knows if Jeter had ever met Morrison in a uniform, let alone in street clothes. This wasn’t exactly Jeter and Morrison meeting on the diamond, where Jeter may have recognized the popular Marlins outfielder.

Jeter, one of the most popular players ever to play the game, contends with people calling out his name everywhere he goes. Coming off a plane and heading wherever, who could expect Jeter to be aware that he’d be put on the spot.

Anyway, Jeter did provide Morrison with a handshake before moving on, thus maintaining his “good guy” image. Place Jeter among the few people who enjoy baseball not following Morrison on Twitter or apparently anywhere else for that matter.