Swinging Towards History: Alex Rodriguez Isn’t Done Yet.


Alex Rodriguez added yet another milestone to his career when he hit a game-tying grand slam home run to help lead the New York Yankees past the Atlanta Braves for a 6-4 victory. The home run was the 23rd career grand slam for Rodriguez, tying him with Hall of Famer and Yankees legend Lou Gehrig for the most all-time. It’s another moment for Rodriguez to add to his collection, however there could still be much more ahead.

Rodriguez is at an intriguing stage in his career. He’s 36 years old and a month away from turning 37. The ball doesn’t quite leave the yard as often as it may have five years ago. However when they do, they still tend to travel pretty far. Due to the emergence of Robinson Cano, Rodriguez arguably may no longer have the most dangerous bat in the Yankees lineup.

He’s still Alex Rodriguez. The same ballplayer who many touted as the best all-around player in baseball throughout his twenties. He’s endured his share of controversy and the public backlash that stemmed from it. Rodriguez is still here, still swinging a productive bat and playing a nearly flawless third base for perhaps the most well known team in professional sports.

Professional athletes will most likely want us all to believe that they never pay attention to individual achievements. Derek Jeter did everything he could to take our minds away from the fact that he was closing in on 3,000 career hits. Once Jeter reached the magical number, it didn’t take long for him to admit that getting there was indeed very much on his mind. Rodriguez is well aware of his many accomplishments and it would be safe to conclude that he’s also aware of the accomplishments he’s closing in on. He knows that he’s getting there.

What made Rodriguez such a blasting cap for debates is the way he goes about his business on the field. There has always been a flair for the dramatic when it comes to his style of play on the field and at times how he carries himself off of the field. It’s a style that at times has added fuel for his detractors. However, his talent can’t be denied. What many see as cockiness, Rodriguez views as confidence.

Rodriguez still is in the chase to accomplish career milestones for runs batted in, hits, and home runs. His team is currently playing it’s best stretch of baseball so far this season. He may not possess the most dangerous bat in the lineup everyday anymore, however his peers know that he’s one swing away from going on one of his power surges that’s captivated so many of us over the years. He’s well aware of the damage he can still inflict on opposing teams, just as much as he’s aware of what it will mean for him to shatter a few more records.