Alex Rodriguez Knee Procedure?


Well apparently Kobe Bryant knows the scoop on Alex Rodriguez according to the NY Post.

"According to multiple sources, the Yankees third baseman recently followed a recommendation from Bryant, the Los Angeles Lakers star, and traveled to Germany for an experimental therapy called Orthokine on his bothersome right knee."

It seems that many athletes think this treatment works. Rodriguez also said he wouldn’t go through with it without the Yankees consent. This quote is too from the NY Post.

"“A lot of athletes I’ve talked to really think this stuff works, but we really don’t have a lot of scientific knowledge behind it of exactly what’s happening,” said Dr. Jonathan Glashow, the co-chief of sports medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital.“It’s a great way to reduce inflammation and therefore pain, and that’s the essence of it. I think a lot of the athletes who have wear-and-tear on their knees benefit from this. You do it for a while and if it doesn’t stay good you do it again in a few years.”"

Sweeny Murti from WFAN has his own personal opinion about this.

"ARod’s knee has to be big concern going forward. My own personal guess–Yanks would be thrilled if he played 120 games."

Alex Rodriguez still has 6 years left on his contract with the Yankees. He’ll be making $29 million next season and won’t be making anything less than $20 million over the course of this contract. Rodriguez hasn’t posted a WAR above 6 since 2008. He’s been a good to great player since then, but I expect his production to decline. The Cardinals are probably happy they didn’t sign Pujols to a crazy deal.