Much Like Snoop, Jeter “Don’t Love Them Hoes”


The Post — who else? — has a “story” about how Derek Jeter ends his trysts — with signed memorabilia.

According to the “report”, Jeet defiles these women (I’m paraphrasing) and then has a car bring the broad home in the morning. However, she doesn’t go home empty handed, no, she gets a gift basket containing signed memorabilia by Captain (not paraphrasing). Isn’t that swell of him?

His maneuver came to light after he pulled the stunt on the same female twice. A “pal” said:

"This summer, he ended up hooking up with a girl who he had hooked up with once before, but Jeter seemed to have forgotten about the first time and gave her the same identical parting gift, a gift basket with a signed Derek Jeter baseball.He basically gave her the same gift twice because he’d forgotten hooking up with her the first time."


It seems like this story got out because #234,358 didn’t like her “parting gift”. What was she expecting? A Rolex? A car? An engagement ring? If she banged him once and was treated like shit, did she really think that if she banged him again he’d treat her better? This story is sickening, and I can’t decide who’s more despicable.

The article (and I use that term loosely) goes on to explain how he gets the girls back to his place without any of the paparazzi seeing. Although it’s nothing new if you read the Jeter book from Ian O’Connor.

Only 115 more days until Opening Day, when we can stop hearing about stories like this. CAN’T WAIT!