Even The Mets Don’t Want Jorge Posada


According to a report from ESPN, Georgie reached out to the Mets and they told him to look elsewhere. Ouch.

When the laughingstock of baseball tells you to take a hike, you know you should just hang up the spikes and call it a career.

This was clearly just a move to stick it to the Yankees; Posada is out to prove to Hank, Hal and co. that he can still play ball and apparently he would sink so low as to don orange and blue to do so. This situation could get ugly and reputations/legacies could be tarnished forever.

As I wrote before, if he chooses to play in 2012 I will cheer for Posada regardless of what uni he’s rocking. He’s meant a lot to the team and done some great things for the organization. If he’s in Beantown I’ll cheer for him, if he had gone to Queens I would’ve cheered for him, if he goes to a division rival or an NL team I don’t care about I will cheer for him. Obviously I’d prefer if he retired and never wore anything besides pinstripes, but if he wants to keep going more power to him.