Speaking to reporters at the Hark Rock Cafe in Manhattan, Brian Cashman gave some insight i..."/> Speaking to reporters at the Hark Rock Cafe in Manhattan, Brian Cashman gave some insight i..."/>

No Desperation Here


Speaking to reporters at the Hark Rock Cafe in Manhattan, Brian Cashman gave some insight into the team’s off-season plans.

"We’re a very aggressive organization and I think that has led us to a lot of the major talent that we’ve brought in here. But we’re not going to be desperate [this winter]. I think we’re going to be very conservative. If we don’t think a deal looks right or feels right or smells right, we’ll pass."

Or did he?

He already announced that the team will focus on “pitching, pitching and pitching” this winter, so this is clearly just a tactic to help the Yanks’ leverage. What is he supposed to say? “We’re going to jump on the first free agent pitcher we find and throw barrels of money at him?” That wouldn’t be a very smart move.

Later during the interview Cashman continued to play his hand smoothly. Asked which FA starters the Yankees are interested in he said:

"CJ Wilson, and, um…the other prospective guys."

Not exposing yourself as too high on a certain player is a great business move. Wally Matthews, who wrote the article, doesn’t seem to get that, I guess.


Cashman also spoke about some of the team’s free agents and current players at the event.

On Posada:

"I wouldn’t comment. He’s a free agent now. I have not talked to Seth or Sam Levinson, who both represent Jorge. Obviously, decisions have to be made but I’m not prepared to talk about that at this point. He’s been an unbelievable Yankee but there’s not much more I can say about it."

My interpretation: he’s done as a Yankee.

On Chavez:

"I have no idea what his intentions are."

My interpretation: we’ll take him back if he doesn’t retire.

On Joba:

"He’s working his tail off. He’s going to try to do everything he possibly can to be ready as soon as he possibly can, and ahead of schedule, that’s where we have to make sure we work with rehab personnel that he takes his time. The one thing on Joba that we probably have to be careful about, he wants it yesterday."

My interpretation: I hope this a-hole isn’t trying to get back too quick to help his arbitration case.

The GM also refuted a story that the team was disappointed that the Fake G-Men traded Jonathan Sanchez to the Royals for the Melk Man.

"We knew he was available, but we didn’t have any trade discussions on him. We were aware, but I wouldn’t say disappointed."

My interpretation: I can’t believe they snaked him from us.

He also said that every team was at a workout with Cuban outfielder Yoennis Cespedes.

"Every team in baseball was there. And there were a lot of players to scout, not just him."

However, when asked if the Yanks worked Cespedes out on their own he said:

"I wouldn’t say."

My interpretation: we want him bad, don’t get in my way.