Yankees Weekend Wrap-Up

  • Brian Cashman has made a phone call to Bob Garber, the agent of both C.J. Wilson and Roy Oswalt, to inquire about his clients. But before you get your hopes up that this means one of them is a lock for the Yankees rotation, keep in mind that these are the most preliminary of free agent talks. According to Cashman he is “talking to all agents and expressing interest in those [players] we feel can help.” Of course it has been no secret that C.J. Wilson is a candidate to join the Yankees in 2012, but he is very likely to command a huge deal and given the Yankees financial commitments to current players, Wilson could price himself right out of the Yankees plans if he ends up seeking a deal in the $100M range.
  • In other free agent pitcher news, agent Jeff Berry is completely confident that Mark Buehrle can handle playing in New York (hint, hint). According to Berry the New York media scrutiny would not be a problem for Buehrle becuase “it’s not like he has been pitching in a small-market city.” Regardless, this is pretty much just a case of an agent hyping his client because no one is really questioning Buehrle’s mental toughness or his ability to handle the scrutiny that comes with playing in New York. Personally, I believe Buehrle would be a strong addition to the Yankees rotation. For the price and the reliability he would bring to the mound every five days he would be a pretty solid investment.
  • This weekend Ohio State alum Nick Swisher was honored for his $500K donation to the baseball program by having the baseball field dedicated in his honor. Swish took to his Facebook page to share some pictures of he and his family at the new Nick Swisher Field. No one has ever accused Swish of being camera shy, so if you’d like to check out Nick (and his beautiful wife JoAnna) posing for the camera, you can find the album here.