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The Posada predicament


It’s no secret that Jorge Posada is having a terrible year. He’s hitting .178/.290/.349 with six home runs, 17 RBI, 37 strikeouts to 22 walks, 13 runs, seven doubles, 26 hits and five GIDPs in 146 at-bats through 45 games (43 starts). In addition, he’s 0-for-27 with 11 strikeouts and six walks batting righty.

Plus, since his last home run (April 23), Georgie is hitting .187/.302/.264 with six RBI, 21 strikeouts to 15 walks, six runs, seven doubles and 17 hits in 91 at-bats in 29 games (27 starts). The team is 16-13 over that span while JoPo has posted a -0.5 WAR. He has been swinging the bat better recently, and did go 2-for-4 with a double yesterday, but that gaffe on the basepath was inexcusable. He’s going to be 40 in August and has never been known for his speed, so why try to stretch a double into a triple?

While trying to pinpoint the reason for this dramatic drop off, we can point to many factors. It could be his age is catching up to him, it could be that the transition to DH was not an easy one, or it could be that he knows he’s in the final year of his career and is having trouble dealing with that. The team can do nothing about the former and the latter, but maybe there’s something that can be done about the other one.

Obviously there is no way that Posada should start over Russell Martin, but why not let him be the back up? Frankie Cervelli, who I love, is terrible. He’s hitting .167/.235/.300 with one homer (he’s got two for his career in 395 at-bats), eight RBI and eight strikeouts to two walks in 30 at-bats this season. Posada could equal Cervelli’s stats and if he’s getting time behind the plate he could probably even out-produce them.

I love Cervelli, but Jorge >>>> Frankie on both sides of the ball. Although neither one is exactly Johnny Bench back there.

If they let Jorge catch part time the team might be able to package Frankie in a deal (possibly to San Fran, who just lost Posey) for a starting pitcher or a LOOGY. If they’re worried about the future, I’m sure Jesus will be ready to come up next year. He’s a decent hitter in Scranton and should be able to make his debut at age 22.

Whatever the Yanks decide on I just hope Posada finishes the season with respectable numbers. It sucks seeing legacy players (especially one of your favorites) go out on a sour note.