6-5 win 6-5 win

Good AJ makes cameo + notes


AJ Burnett threw 21 pitches — 15 for strikes and no back-to-back balls — in today’s 6-5 win over the Astros. He went two scoreless innings and gave up a pair of hits with one strikeout. Most importantly, he built up some confidence.


"You have to have confidence in yourself and believe no matter what. Taking it pitch by pitch and not questioning every little thing you do out there goes with confidence. Get the ball back and throw it to Cervelli. Don’t worry about ‘did I swing (in my delivery) that time?’ Larry will let me know that. Just go out there and make a pitch, pitch after pitch.I feel like I’m able to correct it after (missing a spot) once. As opposed to I did it and ‘oh God what was it? Was it my arm? Was it my leg?’ I know how I feel, muscle memory from what I’ve been working on, I’m going to correct it the next pitch. Just get the ball back, look at the sign and go.I’m actually comfortable right now out of the stretch more than the windup, because out of the stretch I’m not turning as much. It’s a quick leg kick and straight toward home plate. I’m a little more comfortable in the stretch right now, but it’s the first time out there on the mound and I have a lot of work to do, still."

Obviously, this is an extremely small sample size but it’s never a bad way to start off the spring with a solid outing. Will he duplicate this success throughout the rest of the Grapefruit League and into the season? Who knows? But I’ll sleep easier tonight knowing he didn’t shit the bed in his first opportunity.

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Cervelli fouled a ball off the top of his left foot early in today’s game and departed an inning later. He went for a CT scan after the game, and it came back negative. After that he went for an MRI, which was inconclusive. If you were wondering what kind of face he made after fouling the ball off his foot, you’re welcome. Girardi said it will be at least two days before Frankie sniffs the field again, regardless of what the MRI eventually says. The Italian Stallion is optimistic though, “I think it’s nothing bad. A couple of days and that’s it.”

Speaking of catchers, Jesus will catch tomorrow with Russell Martin DHing, and then Martin will catch Friday.

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Other notes:

  • Joba was clocked faster than he has been at this point over the past two years (his fastball not his drunken driving).
  • Jeter went 1-for-3 with two line drives.
  • Posada was fielding balls at first base before the game today, something he has done this spring. If he’s not going to catch, he might as well be able to give Tex some rest at first this season.
  • Hector Noesi got the win with two scoreless innings and, not that it matters but, the Yanks moved to 2-3 this spring.

The Yanks will play the Rays tomorrow at 1:05.