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UPDATE: Boras claims two more Yankees


UPDATE (7:12 p.m.) Maybe not.

According to Joel Sherman, Swish Dog is set to hire Scott Boras as his agent. He is ditching long-time agent Joe Bick for Scotty. This makes the second Yankee that has inked with Boras in the past week, as RBInson Cano did the same thing last Saturday.

Swisher will get $9.1 million this year and the Yanks have a club option for 2012 at $10.25 million with a $1 million buyout. Barring an injury or a vast drop in production, I can’t imagine them not picking that option up. After the 2012 campaign, Swish will turn 32, so I don’t know what will happen…though I’m sure Boras will ask for everything under the sun for him.

Cano is set to earn $10 million this year (which is a bargain) and the club holds options for 2012 ($14 million with a $2 million buyout) and 2013 ($15 million $2 million buyout). I’m not sure what the hell that ESPN article is talking about, Cot’s Baseball Contracts confirms my numbers. He will be 31 at the start of the 2014 season and if he keeps up what he is doing he will get a fat contract. A contract so fat that it doesn’t take off its shirt when it goes swimming; a contract so fat that when it flies on an airplane it has to buy two seats; a contract so fat that when you have sex with it you don’t tell your friends.

Boras now owns the souls of Tex, A-Rod, Rafael Soriano and Andrew Brackman.

BTW, I’ve never been more excited for a weekend to end…because on Monday it begins!!!!!