New develops in Pettittewatch 2011


According to a person with “knowledge of Pettitte’s thinking,” there is little chance the lefty returns for the 2011 season. This omniscient bastard says there is a 30% chance Pettitte pitches next season and there is a “very real possibility he retires.”

I call foul. I think this is just a move to gain leverage in potential contract negotiations. Pettitte knows that Cashman has been unable to land a big-name pitcher and is prepared to go with the current rotation of CC, AJ, Philthy, SuperNova and Sergio Mitre. If the 38-year-old plays hard to get with a team in dire need of starting pitching he could probably juice said team for a few extra million in his deal. I think it’s a crafty move and I can’t say I’d play it much differently if I was in his shoes. From one Andy to another: touche good sir.

I really do hope he returns, but I don’t know how his body would hold up if he did. He’ll be 39 in June and got hurt in July last season. He was filthy up until his injury (groin) though. I think he should give it one more run. Why not?

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Other news:

  • The Yanks signed their old friend Luis Vizcaino to a minor-league deal. Much like Prior, the righty reliever will earn $750,000 if he makes the roster this season. Luis hasn’t pitched in the majors since 2009 but has been filthy in the Dominican League this winter.
  • One reason that the Yanks didn’t make a move for Zack Greinke is because the Royals reportedly wanted Montero, Nunez AND either ManBan or Betances. The Yanks, understandably, thought that was too steep a price for a pitcher that might not be able to handle NY. Plus they didn’t want to give away so much young talent for a pitcher with only two more years left on his contract.