.253/.305/.373 over the last 18 games .253/.305/.373 over the last 18 games

Jeter’s been playing hurt


We may now have a reason as to why Derek Jeter is hitting .253/.305/.373 over the last 18 games and .276/.338/.390 on the year (both prior to Wednesday’s action). It’s not that he is washed up and can’t play anymore, apparently it’s because he is battling tendinitis in his left leg right below his knee. According to a report in the Daily News, Girardi confirmed that the Yankee captain has been nursing an injury for a “little bit” and that’s why he was not in the lineup on Monday.


"His leg has been a little sore. It doesn’t really hurt him or bother him except to slow down a little bit. Not sprinting, not going after balls, it’s when he decelerates. He’s been dealing with it for a little bit, but we’ve managed it. I thought it was important that we give him a day."

He did look a little gimpy running the past few games, so I suspect this might be more concerning than Girardi is letting on. I have to believe that tendinitis near the knee would effect one’s batting stance, so let’s chalk this sub-par season up to injury.

However, in typical Jeter fashion he denied any allegation of injury.

"I’m fine. I don’t even know what he’s talking about."

You gotta love Jeter’s desire to play hurt and refusal to admit that he’s dinged up, it’s one of the reasons we love him, but can you imagine the backlash if A-Rod contradicted his manager to the media? It would be a shit storm. I guess you get a pass when you have five rings and pretty smile (no homo, not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Fun fact: After going deep on Tuesday, Jeter became just the second player in MLB history to record double digit steals and home runs in 15 consecutive seasons (Bonds ’86-’91). So the haters can say what they will about Jeet but I’ll take that any day of the week.