Dan Haren = Cliff Lee part II


According to a Jayson Stark and a “source familiar with the situation“, the Yanks and D’Bags were “never close” on a deal that would have sent Dan Haren to the Bronx.

Take it away Jayson Stark and your mysterious source:

"The two teams did swap names Friday, but the Yankees rejected a Diamondbacks proposal that would have sent Joba Chamberlain, highly regarded pitching prospect Ivan Nova and two other prospects to Arizona for Haren."

First of all, why would the Yanks reject such a trade? They get rid of the struggling Joba and three other prospects for one of the top 15-20 pitchers in the game, whom they’d have for well under market value through 2013. As long as the two other prospects weren’t named Montero, Brackman or Sanchez, I don’t see how they can turn this down.

"The Yankees, instead, have proposed an entirely prospect-based deal, which Arizona rejected. Diamondbacks president Derrick Hall told reporters in Phoenix that other teams had made offers of “at least equal value” to what the Yankees proposed.Another sticking point between the two teams, the source said, is how much of the $33 million remaining on Haren’s contract the Diamondbacks are willing to pay. Arizona’s initial proposal would have required the Yankees to assume Haren’s entire contract. The Yankees, and other clubs the Diamondbacks have spoken with, want the quality of the players in the deal to be dependent on how much of Haren’s money Arizona is willing to pay."

I guess I can understand the Yanks not wanting to give up a ton of prospects and eat the remaining $33 million of Haren’s deal, but something tells me the D’Bags are just using the Yanks as leverage to drive up what other teams are willing to part with. This is like Cliff Lee all over again and reeks of what the Mariners did a couple of weeks back. Andy C no likey.

It seems Jerry DiPoto just made Cashman’s shit list, which is headlined by Jack Zduriencik.

According to Stark’s source, the Cards, Phils, Dodgers, Tigers and Twinkies have all expressed interest in Haren…but he has a partial no-trade clause that would require his permission before he could be dealt to the Tigers or Twins.