The Kid has done it again


On the heels of the Yanks’ 10-6 win over the Halos one thing is evident: I need season/playoff tickets. Not for selfish reasons, but for the good of the team.

The Yanks are 5-0 when I attend a game and they produce like motherfuckers when ol’ Andy C is at the ballpark. Have a look see:

  • Jeter: 8-for-22 with seven runs, two RBI and two walks
  • Swish Dog: 8-for-23 with three RBI, five runs, three doubles, a walk and a homer
  • Tex: 9-for-21 with eight RBI, six runs, two homers and two doubles
  • A-Rod: (four games) 6-for-17 with five RBI, four runs, two doubles and two homers
  • Cano: 6-for-18 with five RBI, four runs, four walks, two homers, a double and a triple
  • Posada: (four games) 5-for-12 with four RBI, four runs, three doubles, three walks and a homer
  • Gardy: 2-for-15 with 2 RBI, a run, a triple and two walks. OK, I don’t bring much luck to Brett The Jet
  • Frankie: (three games) 3-for-10 with two RBI, a run and a double
  • Grandy: (four games) 5-for-16 with an RBI, three runs and a homer

Keep in mind off whom they were hitting: Liriano, Halladay, Ryan Rowland-Smith (OK, that’s a gimme), David Price and Joel Pineiro

The pitching has also been pretty good (for the most part) for me:

Also, the Yanks have outscored their opponents 38-17 when I’m there. SOMEBODY GET ME SOME FRIGGIN’ TICKETS! If the Yanks don’t bring home number 28 this year let it be on your head…