What’s the definition of bittersweet?


When is a 10-3 win over the Sox not all it’s cracked up to be? When Josh Beckett is pitching like an a-hole, that’s when.

On the day, Beckett went 5 1/3 and gave up nine runs on as many hits while fanning eight and walking three batters. Beckett tied a career high with nine earned runs (done three times, twice against the Yanks).

However, it started off as a pitcher’s duel as Josh retired 10 of the first 11 batters he faced (five of the first six he faced via strikeout), but he came unraveled and sat down just three of the next 16 Yankees. Swisher’s three-run jack in the fourth frame opened the flood gates but the real damage (literally) was done in the sixth. Not only did the Yanks put up a six-spot, but Cano (inside of left knee) and Jeter (ribs) were hit by pitches. Most of the Yanks rushed to the top of the dugout after the second beaning (Jeter) and A-Rod could be seen mouthing “You fucking asshole” at Beckett. Not only that, but the usually cool, calm, and collected CC Sabathia was livid and seemed like he wanted to beat the piss out of Beckett. AJ Burnett (among others) was riled up as well.


"I just had no control and couldn’t locate. I hit Cano with a cutter and Jeter with the bases loaded."

Jeet’s HBP was clearly not on purpose because the bases were loaded at the time, but Cano’s was iffy. First base was open, following a double from A-Rod, and Beckett was smirking as Cano hobbled his way to the bag (he left the game a pitch or so later). The most surprising thing was that there was no warning issued. After a pair of beanings (especially in such a heated rivalry), intentional or not, there should be a warning. I thought that was interesting because things could have escalated.


"It still (hurts) a little bit. I got some ice on it…I have to wait to see how it feels tomorrow when I wake up."

Unlike many, I don’t think Beckett was head-hunting; he’d clearly just lost his control. What really grinds my gears, though, is that he had no regard for where his pitches were going. He was just launching fastball after fastball without any concern for the result of the pitch. Plus, he came damn close to hitting Tex and Cervelli (Frankie twice, 3rd and 6th; both intentional in my opinion). Furthermore, why would Tito keep him in for so long when he could barely locate his pitches?

Girardi on Chin Pubes:

"“I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that from him. He’s a guy who’s been pitching at a high level for a while…it’s unfortunate for us because we’ve had a lot of guys hurt."

Cano is listed as day-to-day but most likely will not play Saturday. Jeter stayed in the game and waived off medical staff as they tried to tend to him (because he’s not lazy and plays the game the right way). To make matters worse for the oft-injured Yanks, Nick Johnson “depahted” in the fifth inning with a sore right wrist (the same one he had surgery on in 2008) and will travel back to NY on Saturday to get an MRI. He’s probably headed to the DL, though. Thames will take most of the at-bats at DH. Expect a roster move, most likely an infielder.


"I’d be surprised if Robbie could play tomorrow."

Much to my chagrin, this season is playing out like the 2009 Mets campaign. To get an idea of how badly the Yanks are dinged up, during one point of Friday’s ass-kicking, with Posada the only bench player, Girardi asked Javy Vazquez if he played any infield…and was being for real!!!

Beckett also found time to call Swisher a “faggot” in the fateful sixth inning. You stay classy Josh.

Overshadowed by Beckett’s class was Phil Hughes’ outing. Hughes (4-0) went seven innings and gave up two runs on seven hits with seven strikeouts to just one walk. The 23-year-old has now issued just three walks over his last 21 innings. He also kept his no-hitter intact longer than Beckett. This kid is the real deal and will be the ace of the Yanks in the future. Fact.

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In other news

  • The Yanks bumped back Pettitte’s next start, he’s pretty salty about it. Sergio Mitre will take his spot in the rotation and will pitch on Monday in Detroit, with Vazquez going on Tuesday.
  • Jeter is now second place on the franchise’s games-played list (2,165); he trails only The Mick (2,401) for the top spot.
  • Gardner’s got a nine-game hitting streak going.
  • Swisher’s got four homers with nine RBI in the last six games.