Yanks lose for fourth time in five games


After Tuesday’s 5-4 setback, the Yankees now have as many losses in their last five games as the Orioles do wins the whole season.


"Usually, when we’re playing teams it really doesn’t make a difference what their record is. They usually get up for us. Whether it’s the beginning of the season or late in the season. We play teams that are out of it and they do the same thing."


Why on earth would Cano try stealing? After leading off the sixth with a single, and the Yanks up 2-1, Robbie tried to nab second to no avail. I’m not sure if this was his idea or a move from Girardi, but whomever is responsible should take a good look at this stat: Cano has 42 stolen base attempts and has been caught 23 times (45% success rate). In other words:  Cano you are not fast, leave base stealing to the guys who know what they’re doing. Although I can’t stay mad at him after a 3-for-4 performance — his ninth multi-hit game of the year.

Posada’s base-running blunder was baffling as well. Why the hell are you taking a big turn around second on a ball that barely got by Tejada? C’mon Georgie, you’re better than that.

D-Rob pitched like an a-hole — he beaned Ty Wigginton with an 0-2 count and allowed three singles before recording an out. He took the loss, and responsibility, like a man:

"I got ahead 0-2 and tried to come inside and hit him right in the rib cage…it’s pretty frustrating."

"I got ahead OK a couple of times and then when I had an opportunity to get someone out I just didn’t make a pitch. When you don’t make pitches guys are going to hit it — this is the big leagues."

When asked if his lack of work this season had anything to do with his poor performance, D-Rob, again, manned up:

"No I don’t think I can use that as an excuse. I have no excuses for tonight."

Jeter made an eighth-inning error that led to the insurance run for Baltimore:

"I stayed down and it popped up and hit me in my bicep."


Swish Dog going 3-for-4 with a pair of runs scored.

Phil Hughes not giving in after a terrible start. After the bases were loaded he allowed a four-pitch, RBI walk to Cesar Izturis, but rallied to get an inning-ending double play from Adam “Don’t call me Pacman” Jones. All things considered, it could have been much worse for Phil. Sure a run on two hits over 5 2/3 innings pales in comparison to taking a no-hitter into the eighth, but, all things considered, I’ll take it. Although I would have liked to see him throw at least one changeup.

"It’s difficult because I work off my fastball and I need to get ahead. I need to then let my other stuff work, and when I was constantly behind it was a struggle because I was having to make perfect pitches 2-1 and 3-1…it was just one of those days, I didn’t have it."

Randy Winn finagled his first hit of the season!!!!!!!

Oh well, this kind of game is going to happen during the course of a season…you can’t win ’em all. The only thing the Yanks can do is come back strong tonight and hope CC is on. CC against Jeremy Guthrie with first pitch at 7:05. LET’S GO YANKS!!! Get back on track tonight.