Yanks’ switch pitcher makes debut


Pat Venditte, better known as That Guy Who Pitches Righty and Lefty, made his debut against Big League hitters yesterday and had a solid first outing. The ambidextrous hurler gave up a run on two hits with a walk over 1 1/3 innings of work, not bad for a player who had never made it past single-A ball.

I’m pulling for this kid to make it to the Bigs, not just because he could be a major asset to the Yanks’ pitching staff but because he seems humble and wants to be a good pitcher. Plus it appears he’s down-to-earth and a genuinely good person. Check out a few quotes I got from his post-game interview:

"I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity…Anytime you get an opportunity like this you have to take advantage of it…I don’t have overpowering stuff. I think I need this to continue pitching…It was a great experience today."

He might just be saying the right things to the media and be a total A-hole behind closed doors, but I’m an optimist and like to look for the good in people (most times).

Even CC and Swish Dog were excited to see the freak show switch pitcher:

"I’ve been waiting all spring to see it. He came in, he threw one way, and then we were like, ‘Look, he’s going to switch!’ It’s pretty cool to have that ability."

In other news for the Yanks, A-Rod fouled a ball off his foot in today’s loss to the Twinkies but stayed in the game. Which is good because Tex was beaned on Monday and hasn’t played since, but is feeling better and should be back in the lineup tomorrow. Can you imagine the Yanks’ 3 and 4 hitters — making a combined $52 million THIS SEASON ALONE — going down in the final week before the regular season opens up? I shudder to think. (That’s not even taking into account Aceves’ back woes and Cervelli’s plunking the other night)

Also, check out what Joltin’ Joe Girardi-o has in store for Phil Hughes (w/ audio). Spoiler alert: he won’t make his regular season debut until April 15 — nine games into the season. The plan for his extended Spring Training allows the team to further control Hughes’ innings limit. Wow, they really thought this Joba-to-the-‘pen thing through. I hope this doesn’t blow up in their face.