Andy Pettitte having yet another Spring Training start botched due to rain, the <..."/> Andy Pettitte having yet another Spring Training start botched due to rain, the <..."/>

Yanks rough Tigers up for 8 runs in under 4 innings…before rain thwarts effort


Despite Andy Pettitte having yet another Spring Training start botched due to rain, the Yankees rocked the Tigers 8-0 before the rain came and washed away the effort. The pitchers had a one-hitter going and pretty much the whole A+ lineup was getting in on the action. It’s a shame the game had to be canceled, this could have been one meaningless game for the ages.

Richard Gere was in full uniform and exchanged the lineup card for the Yanks, no word on whether or not he kept the card up his butt.

Johnny Damon, in his first game at Legends Field George M. Steinbrenner Field since leaving for more money, received a standing ovation prior to his first at-bat and stepped out of the box to tip his hat to the crowd and pound his chest — before singling up the middle. I can’t blame the fans for honoring him, he was a big part of 2009’s championship, but I’ll never forget what he said during his first press conference in Detroit. That stung bad. I’ll never be able to look at him the same way.

Mariano Rivera pitched the second inning?!?!?!?!?!?!? You know the games don’t matter when Mo is on the bump in the second stanza. Bizarre.

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In other news, A-Rod had his meeting with the Feds pushed back due to mutual consent (mutual consent: something Ben Roethlisberger has never heard of…AMIRITE?). It has been reported the meeting will still take place and happen before Opening Day. Good God I hope this meeting doesn’t blow up in A-Rod’s face and ruin the season.

Dave Eiland says that Joba is in the bullpen for good. Which I think is the right move, but really makes me wonder what the hell they were doing with the whole innings limitation thing the past few seasons. If his training wheels are indeed off — and Phil Hughes will be subjected to similar restrictions this season — why not give Joba a shot to start? I’m hoping that the Yanks know something we fans do not. That’s the only logical explanation. However, now I don’t know what to believe anymore with all these conflicting reports. If the Yanks are trying to mess with their fans’ heads (and Joba’s too), then mission accomplished.

Mr. October is (possibly) trying to recruit Jayson Werth,who is a free agent after the 2010 season, to play for the Yanks. Reggie is apparently family friends with Werth so their lunch might be nothing more than two old friends catching up. But I would love nothing more than for Werth to be a Yankee, he’s a great player, but he’d have to shave that beard of his if he came to NY. Who knows if he’d be the same player without that facial hair?

TMZ is reporting that the Yanks will get their 2009 World Series rings on the April 13th home opener against the Angels. According to the gossip site, the ’09 rings will be even more gaudy spectacular than the 2000 rings, which featured 22 diamonds…As much as I’d love to see the team give out the rings against the BoSox, it will  be fun to see Matsui get an ovation when he receives his. He deserves it.

Uggh. The final section comes tumbling down. As I’ve told myself many times before: STRONG MEN ALSO CRY, STRONG MEN ALSO CRY!