Yanks rained out


The Yankees’ game against the Tigers today has been rained out. So they’ll have to wait to face The Coward and Phil Coke, who has been sporting a new look. Yikes. Phil Hughes was expected to come on in relief of AJ today, so I wonder how this will impact the never-ending race for the last spot in the rotation.

When asked in a pregame interview how he’ll remember his time with the Yanks, Damon replied:

"As great years. My teammates were great, the coaches were great. My family loved it…the Yankees will always be a part of my family."

Awwww, how sweet. He’ll always be a part of the Yankees’ family too…he’ll be like the uncle who borrowed a large sum of money and then molested their three kids. If Caveman is trying to smooth things over with the Yanks in an effort to someday return to pinstripes, he’d better take a look at this.

In other news, the Yankees made a few cuts from the big league roster over the weekend…CMW weighs in on Stephen Strasburg…Anytime you think the Yankees have it bad with their pitching situation, just thank God you’re not a Twins fan. Poor Nathan. That might give way to another season sweep for the Yanks, one can only hope.

Two more LONG weeks until the Yanks open the season at Fenway. Here are a few haikus to tide you over and make you think. (If you are wondering: Yes. Yes I did steal this idea from Babes Love Baseball)

"Hughes or Chamberlain,Who ya got for the fifth spot?How about Gaudin?"

"Forget about ChadHe and Mitre will be goneWhen the games matter"

"What about Jeter?His contract is up real soonAnd he’s getting old"

"Same as Mo and JoeI know they will get deals tooOtherwise I’m through"