Maybe we jumped the gun on Aceves; why I hate Spring Training baseball


Perhaps we should all start to rethink those stories about Alfredo Aceves being the second coming of Cy Young, as Ace was shelled for five runs on as many hits over 4 1/3 frames in an 8-6 loss to the ‘Stros on Saturday. It’s all as well, I think he could be more useful as a long reliever anyway. But I wonder who George A King III thinks should be the fifth starter now. Speaking of which, Phil Hughes will come in to relieve AJ on Sunday against the Tigers, while Joba gets the start on Monday afternoon against the Phils (which will be on ESPN). A bad outing from either could alter the fifth starter’s race in ways we can’t imagine.

Also, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief because CC pitched well in a meaningless game yesterday. All is right with the world…God forbid a player doesn’t live up to expectations in an exhibition game.

I realize that these articles are just preseason filler that writers need to fill the void before actual baseball starts, but Jesus Christ do they get annoying. How many times can you read the same drivel regarding meaningless stats compiled in games that don’t count? Although I bet A-Rod wishes these games counted; he kept up his stellar ST play in the setback to Houston. In a shocking announcement, A-Rod can’t wait to get his ring.

15 more days until the games matter. I can’t wait.