Don’t quit your day Joba


The plot thickens in the race to be the No. 5 starter for the 2010 Yanks. George A. King III writes that Yankees skipper Joe Girardi has told Joba Chamberlain that he has “got to pick it up” and “show us” if he wants to make a bid for that elusive final spot in the rotation. Joltin’ Joe Girardi-o also said that a poor performance on Wednesday against the Phils wouldn’t eliminate Joba from contention for the final spot, and “he will pitch again.” The hard-throwing righty heads into the World Series rematch with a 27.00 ERA in Spring Training action.

Although we shouldn’t put too much emphasis on the results of these exhibition games, it has been a neck and neck competition for the fifth spot. So whatever happens when things work themselves out, the Yanks should have a solid No. 5 starter AND a shut-down bullpen. (Knocking on wood as fast as I can)

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