Yanks rained out


Thursday’s game was rained out. It seems to be raining shit on Yankee fans today. First, video of Yankee Stadium being torn down surfaced on the internet and now there’s no baseball to watch. Life sucks.

However, there is some good news on the Yankees front. They are apparently the favorites to land prized shortstop Adeinis Hechevarria. Adey, who has been compared physically to Alfonso Soriano (not sure if that means he’s a string bean or he’ll bitch about what position he’ll play), would be wise to sign with the Yanks. If they sign him, assuming they ink Jeet to a four-year deal, he could spend a few years in the minors and be ready to take over for Captain when he either retires or moves to another position. Plus, I’m sure he’d get quite the lucrative deal…not the proverbial bag of chips (Torii Hunter’s words, not mine). I think it’s a no-brainer.

RAB remembers the John Wetteland trade. I love him for that ’96 campaign, but his hat was friggin’ nasty…Jeet’s got the flu. Maybe that’s why they canceled the game…Take a tip from Franke Cervelli: always use protection. You can never be too careful…Finally, check out what this handsome Italian has to say about the Yankees and other assorted Spring Training topics. Don’t make fun though, it was my first time on a podcast.