Roger Clemens sighting on Sunday in Ne..."/> Roger Clemens sighting on Sunday in Ne..."/>

Oh my goodness gracious, a Roger Clemens sighting!!!!


With all due respect to Suzyn Waldman, we just had a Roger Clemens sighting on Sunday in New Jersey!!!

The disgraced 47-year-old was in the Garden State yesterday to take part in a fund raiser for people with disabilities and was, if you can believe this, cordial and friendly while posing with fans and signing autographs. Although he wouldn’t mention anything about his possible perjury charges, he did waive his appearance fee for the event. Rocket even joked about a possible comeback, though he didn’t mention if it was with MLB or a prison team:

"I know some of the writers were here asking me about retiring again. I told ’em, I’ve retired three times, surely I don’t have to do it again. But I was teasing Brett Favre, that heck if he came back, what the heck? I might as well start running again or something."

Maybe he’ll take another shot at Mr. Burns’ softball team…I just hope they don’t let that damn hypnotist anywhere near him, we all know how that played out last time:

It’s not clear if he was just trying to improve his public image or genuinely cares about the cause, but either way he’s still one of my heroes and that will never change. I’ll never forget this or this, however I’d like to misremember this (although it is kind of funny, albeit fake), this and his extra-marital relationship(s) with a 15-year-old country singer(s). But you have to hand it to a man who went through this each time he pitched. That’s devotion to the game.

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Regardless of how you feel about him and his alleged steroid use, you can’t deny his numbers prior to when he allegedly started using PEDs(in 1997). He was most likely a Hall of Famer prior to his tenure in Toronto, and you can’t hold one player responsible for a generation of cheating. Same thing goes for Barry Bonds. You have to hold Major League Baseball responsible as well as the teams that turned a blind eye to the players doubling in size. You can’t forget the MLBPA and Allan Huber “Bud” Selig, there’s blood on their hands as well.

But before you cast judgment on players of the steroid era, ask yourself one question: If you were faced with getting run out of baseball, would you do whatever it took to keep playing the game you love…especially if THERE WERE NO RULES AGAINST IT AT THE TIME and at least half of the other players were doing it too?