A-Rod can’t drive


According to the New York Post (it is from Page 6, so take it for what it’s worth), Alex Rodriguez was involved in a minor crash as he arrived at Spring Training on Thursday. The former goat, driving his $400,000 Maybach, got in a “minor fender bender” while supposedly texting.

Jesus Christ, can this guy ever avoid controversy? I thought this was supposed to be a new A-Rod; an A-Rod who just wants to blend in and help the team win. I guess some things never change. Don’t feel bad for him though, A-Rod could buy a new Maybach every day from now until Opening Day and it wouldn’t hurt his bank account.

Hey, at least he didn’t crash in October. Those headlines would be too easy. Way too easy.

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  • On a completely unrelated note, check out The Unwritten Rules of Baseball. I don’t necessarily agree with all of them, but, then again, who the hell am I? However, it is some interesting shit…I promise.
  • Nick The Stick adjusting to life as a DH. I just hope the Yanks make him shave that ‘stache. He looks like a pedersass.
  • The Yankees have announced their Spring Training rotation. Circle March 4th on your calender, that will be an epic matchup. I’ve never been too keen on watching exhibition games, but I will absolutely make an exception for that one: CC against Doc. Wow. We just might get to see that matchup again in October.
  • Joel Sherman: The Yankees have too many “time-bomb contracts“. Me: I don’t care.
  • Joba and Phil are both pleading the fifth. I hope the latter wins the battle. As I’ve written a million times before, this is where Joba belongs.
  • The Yanks plan on being pool-hall junkies yet again this spring. It worked out well last season, so why not give it another “shot”?
  • Yankees always stick together, even when they play for another team.
  • And finally, check out what everybody’s (least) favorite windbag has said this time. You, sir, are a class act. You’ve raised the bar for douchebagdom. Sometimes I wonder if the rest of the country hates Curt Schilling the way Yankee fans do. Oh, apparently they do. As voted on by his peers, Ol’ 38 is actually more hated than AJ Pierzynski. That takes talent.