Chien-Ming Wang to choose team in about a week


Former Yankees ace Chien-Ming Wang is set to decide on a team within the next 7-10 days, according to the World Wide Leader. I love Wang and will never forget when he won 19 games in consecutive seasons for the Yanks, but he’s making a lot of demands for a pitcher coming off shoulder surgery who isn’t even throwing off a mound yet.

We can rule out a return to playing for Joe T, as Wang and agent Alan Nero have reportedly asked for more guaranteed money than the Dodgers are willing to give. Those Metropolitans were also intrigued by the sinker-baller, but also have not made an offer. I’m glad; it would hurt to see Wang playing for the Mets. I couldn’t root for him.

So it’s looking more and more like Wang will end up in a Nationals uniform, as they have space on their 40-man roster. That sucks for him, imagine going from playing in the biggest market to playing for the Nats. That’s gotta sting. Talk about taking one on the Chien.

However there might be some hope, as the article says there is another “unidentified team” looking to employ CMW. I hope for his sake it’s a contender. If Wikipedia is telling the truth, he’s been through a lot.