Yankees’ Winn is Damon’s loss


The Yankees have reached an agreement with OF Randy Winn this afternoon for a one-year deal worth about $2 million, which just about puts the kibosh on any plans Johnny Damon had of playing in the Bronx next season. Especially if you believe what the NY Post says.

The 35-year-old switch hitter’s numbers have slipped a bit in the past few seasons, but Winn can still play the corner outfield positions and should be a good role player for the Yanks. Also, we can’t forget that inside-the-park grand slam Winn hit against the Yanks in the 1999 season. Nobody has hit one since. That’s gotta count for something.

I think it was a good move, not only to bring in a solid bench player, but to also send a message to Scott Boras. How many times does he have to shyst the Yanks before they stop doing business with him?

On another note, Girardi has said he is open to having Grandy play left while Gardner plays center. He says he’ll figure it out during Spring Training, which is right around the corner! Let’s go Yanks, prepare for a repeat.