Yanks sign Pettitte


The Yankees and lefty Andy Pettitte agreed today on a one-year deal worth $11.75 million. Granted he’s 37 years old, but that seems like a bargain for a guy who was the winning pitcher when the team clinched the AL East, ALDS, ALCS and WS this past year. Plus, he’s got one of the dirtiest pick-off moves of all time. I’m glad they made this deal, it’ll be great seeing Andy in pinstripes. I hope he goes out with number 28.

So the front half of the Yanks’ rotation in 2010 will be: CC, AJ and Pettitte. Wow. Imagine if they get Halladay…


According to Mike Francesa, the Yanks admit they don’t know what they’re going to do with Joba. It hasn’t been decided yet whether he’ll be a starter or work out of the bullpen. That’s just great. Why would they make him a starter? He’s so nasty coming out of the ‘pen, it makes no sense to keep him in the rotation. I just hope they didn’t screw up his career.

Not sure if you heard, but the Yanks pulled off a three-team trade to acquire Curtis Granderson yesterday. I think it’s great they got a solid center fielder, but this leaves a lot of question marks.

  • First, will they still bring back Damon and/or Matsui? It’s highly unlikely they bring back Matsui due to his bum knee, and Damon wants a four-year deal. But with the acquisition of Granderson they have more leverage with Damon in negotiations.
  • Next, what happens to Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner? If they bring Damon back don’t be surprised to see either of these two mentioned in trade talks. Which is a shame because Gardner is such a weapon on the basepath and fun to watch.
  • Finally, with the Yanks trying to trim their payroll next season do they still go after Halladay?