Bernie Williams Coming Back?


So, Bernie Williams is mulling over a comeback after his stint with the Puerto Rican team at the World Baseball Classic, and it wouldn’t necessarily be with the New York Yankees either. Williams played 16 seasons with the Yankees from 1991-2006 and never officially retired, so a return for a 17th season with the Bronx Bombers is quite possible. You never know, right? But where would he play?

At centerfield, it’s a tight race between Brett Gardner and Melky Cabrera and I don’t see Bernie having the range to cover center anymore. Call me crazy, but the guy is 40 years old. Unless he shoots himself up with some of that A-Rod juice, Williams won’t be as pliable, quick, or have the endurance to survive a whole season of manning the middle of the outfield.

How about designated hitter then? Forget it as there are already four players on the depth chart for this position – Hideki Matsui, Nick Swisher, Jorge Posada, as well as Johnny Damon. So, basically, it comes down to this – thanks for 16 seasons, Bernie, but there just isn’t spot for you on the team, but you’ll always have a spot in our hearts.