"Luckiest Man," by Graig Kreindler

Top The ALS Challenge With Lou Gehrig!

Have you done the ALS ice bucket challenge yet? Or are you someone who thinks everyone should just donate money? Waste of water, or wonderful way to wage war for wellness?

Regardless of your opinion, when it comes to raising awareness of ALS, and donating dough to help battle it, Graig Kreindler has come up with an awesome way for Yankee fans to pitch in.

Graig Kreindler

Graig Kreindler

You might know not his name, but you’ve seen Graig Kreindler’s work. It’s everywhere. An accomplished artist, Kreindler is also a lover of the game of baseball. And, even better, he’s a Yankee fan.

Many of Graig’s breathtaking works of art center on famous Yankees. He brings them to life in a myriad of ways. Babe Ruth. Joe DiMaggio. Mariano Rivera. Mickey Mantle. Derek Jeter. And of course, Lou Gehrig.

So it occurred to Kreindler, why not raise funds for the ALS Association with Lou Gerig himself?

“I’m going to use eBay to auction off a color study of Lou Gehrig, and 100% of the proceeds are going to go to the ALS Association. The wave of ice bucket challenges has provided a nice platform to raise awareness for the disease, so I wanted to try and help.”

Makes sense. And there is a certain poetry to having a life-like portrait of Lou Gehrig to fight the disease that bears his name. The Iron Horse would approve.

I had the opportunity to interview Graig last year and see his work up close. It is above and beyond beautiful. This writer will be bidding on the auction as well.

Kreindler’s works are in high demand and fetch a pretty penny. It doesn’t take long for them to become valuable collector’s items. His subjects live again in his art. It is as if they are about to speak, and you can already see them breathing and blinking.

For a Yankees fan, these are must see pieces. And to have a Kreindler masterpiece on display in your home would be quite a proud addition. That the funds would benefit the ALS Association would bring all the more pleasure. But enough waxing poetic, the artwork speaks for itself.

Here’s what the image looks like:



Go here to see the auction. It ends on Wednesday, August 27, at 6:27 PM EST.

Now’s your chance to one up everyone else’s challenge, and honor Lou Gehrig all at the same time. Don’t just dump an ice bucket, go for the Iron Horse!

Play Ball!

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