Young Yankees fans surprised by Oswaldo Cabrera's Juan Soto facetime was incredible

We love it.
Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
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Before this turns into an adoration piece about Juan Soto, let's not forget how tremendous of an asset Oswaldo Cabrera has been for the New York Yankees. Though his hot run at the plate has cooled, he's overall been a great lineup lengthener as well as a good defensive third baseman.

But his best quality is bringing the vibes. His happy-go-lucky attitude and positive demeanor have undoubtedly played a role in turning the clubhouse around. He's an affable personality that teammates can easily get along with, and one that the media loves.

So it's hardly a shock to see Cabrera's gesture of good will over the weekend. In a video that captured Cabrera seemingly speaking to a group of little leaguers, he asked the kids if they would say hi to a friend of his that he was going to call on the phone.

A couple of the kids were heard saying "is it Aaron Judge?" as Cabrera's phone had the FaceTime dinger going off. Then, somebody picked up on the other end. Cabrera turned the screen to the eager boys and girls, who collectively exclaimed "SOTO!!!!!"

It indeed was Soto, who was seen smiling on the other end. But he couldn't say a word, and even if he did, nobody would have heard him. The kids were screaming, and the Cabrera started a "So-to!" chant that caught on immediately.

Young Yankees fans surprised by Oswaldo Cabrera's Juan Soto facetime was incredible

"Do you know who that was?!"

"Yeah that was Soto!"

"Let's goooooo!"

The funny thing is ... most of us as adults would react that way if we were presented with Juan Soto on the other end of a FaceTime. That's how exciting it is to be a Yankees fan right now. Imagine how these kids feel not having a negative feeling about this team stemming from the last few years? Magical.

Soto has brought a new energy to the Yankees that has reinvigorated the fanbase. Everyone can keep talking about his future in New York, but the fact of the matter is that he's here until November, and nobody can stop that.

We'll keep chanting "So-to!" until we can't anymore.